David from Boston, MA

February 27, 2018

Becoming an CRN Insider in a no brainer if you smoke or grow. Not only did i get an awesome hat and shirt I will save $20 to $30 every time I go to a dispensary.  Last month I even saved $50.00 on my cannabis medical ID card (no taxes with med card). Becoming a CRN INSIDER is the easiest decision I ever made. The membership pays for itself.

Rose from Saugus, MA

March 25,2018

I started growing out of my home. I heard about the CRN insider membership when i was watching the Cannabis Radio network. I really have saved hundreds to thousands with the CRN membership card. I saved on my lights, soil and everything else I needed to get started. In addition my membership gives me access to expert growers. not bad for ($7.95 a month)I always have questions. thank you... I'm a proud CRN INSIDER.